Sunday, December 4, 2011

College Football Musings: Part I

Some things just can’t be explained. Mysteries of life if you will. What happened Saturday night in Indianapolis, however, was not a miracle. It was simply cause and effect.

Wisconsin football seems to have been in a bit of a funk since their Rose Bowl loss to open 2011. I tried everything to fix it. I changed hats. I changed shirts. I changed underwear. I discovered last night that it was the pants.

It wasn’t that we made Brandon wear a red fleece in a hot bar when he showed up sans Badger gear. It wasn’t that Erik bought his beers in the correct order. It wasn’t that Ryan wore the right shirt during the day or that Jackie wore her lucky scarf. The problem was my gameday jeans. It has been fixed. You’re welcome.

On Wisconsin and go vadgers.

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  1. fuck those jeans. burn them. also rose bowl, wanna go?


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