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Hey everyone and thanks for stopping by. We're childhood friends who grew up, graduated college, and now have our very own blog. Living the dream, right? Since kindergarten, we’ve tackled topics ranging from travel to science to sports to food to politics to technology to religion. Expect posts on all of the above and more from us, as well as a guest column or two.

Patrick grew up in a white stucco house on Eleanor Ave. - not quite a block east of Joey. He has two siblings (sister and brother) and parents that work at universities. He can’t eat breakfast without reading a newspaper.  He likes to cook, but doesn't do it enough. He graduated from Creighton University in 2010 and from the University of Minnesota's Humphrey School in 2012.  At CU, Patrick spent most of his time watching soccer games (at the
best soccer venue in the country) and working for nationally recognized service, faith, and justice offices on campus.  Currently, he does legislative coordination and project management, is a country music convert, and coaches Raider soccer. 

Joe grew up in a red brick house on Eleanor Ave. with two brothers and one dog. A confused child, he became a White Sox fan in the heart of Twins territory. This, combined with his love for maps, math, and trivia made him a rather weird kid as a teenager (but he grew out of it, we swear). When it came time for college, Joe fled Gopher Country for the greener pastures of Madison, Wisconsin. He graduated in May of 2010 and bleeds cardinal, not red. Currently, he is pursuing his PhD in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Michigan. He does not care for Coors Light.

So, if you’ve stumbled into our fair corner of cyberspace, stay a while, read a couple posts, share your thoughts, and come back soon. We’ll be here, doin’ our best to clog the tubes every week.

Patrick and Joe

And as all twitter, email, and blogs say: these are our ideas. So please don’t associate them with our schools, employers, or, even worse, our grade school (yes, we went to grade school together, too).

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